Friday, December 17, 2010

Food Processor French Bread

Please ask me to make you some of this bread, because it is unbelieveably easy, and it will change the world.

I tweaked the sugar and salt a little, but I kept all the liquid proportions the same, which resulted in a very soft, sticky dough - almost a stringy, viscous batter. I left it to rise and then consulted the recipe again, which told me the dough should've gathered into a ball while processing. At this point, I thought, "Great, I ruined it. It'll probably spread all over the pan. Baaaaaah." So after the first rise, I scooped the dough into greased muffin tins.

But it wasn't necessary. Even though it was a very soft dough, it puffed beautifully and would have made perfect loaves. I just didn't trust it. I have trust issues. Judge not.

Even though I deviated, I was still so excited that I actually made this bread and I can't wait to deviate further by adding herbs, cheese, or whatevers. I can't tell you how perfect it is - super crisp, almost flaky outside, super tender inside. It's perfect. This is perfect French bread.



  1. You should try it! The "hard" part was the food processing part, and that took about 3 minutes. After I was done processing, I just left the lid on and let it rise in the bowl. Can't believe how easy and delicious this was.