Monday, May 16, 2011

Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Photos taken by John Cantwell:

I have been wanting to make wine bottle tiki torches ever since I saw this post about them on design sponge: I couldn't get much help at my hardware store so I gave up for a while.

I was in the garden and looking at these old tiki torches that had lost their oil holders and were just looking ugly. I decided to cut off the old cane and see what glass might fit in them. To my great excitement, the Riesling bottles are a perfect fit!!

2 new cobalt blue wine bottle tiki torches: $0.00.

Take 2 old tiki torches:

old tiki torch, originally uploaded by queenofthemoodswingset2.

Cut off all the faded and gross cane:

insert the wine bottles:

lampsbench, originally uploaded by queenofthemoodswingset2.

Fill with citronella oil and insert a wick. (I didn't have a wick holder so I just used some heavy wire. I'll probably get the real holder, but this works)

tiki bottles Nikon 70-300mm VR, originally uploaded by Cantwell Photo.

Photos taken by John Cantwell:

And light!!

DSC_3241p, originally uploaded by queenofthemoodswingset2.

(except this photo, I took this one)


  1. I like it better with the heavy-duty wire instead of the wick holder... looks more rustic!

  2. surprisingly useful stuff, in general I picture this is worthy of a book mark, many thanks