Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Furry poopers

Some of my favorite babes.

Elliot, the spooky Lisa-stalker baby. Currently curled up between my knees. Hates tuna and other stereotypical cat-friendly foods. Hates any manual interference with tail or paws. Loves conversations, hot sauce, pickles, and hissing at anyone who manually interferes with tail or paws.

Ziva, the barn pup, who is as sweet as she looks. I've only met her once, but I'd keep her.

Pledge, the happy boy. Same story as Ziva, minus the "pup" part.

Max The Skittish, abandoned abuse victim, now happily installed in his perfect forever home. Eats more treats than any mammal should, very chatty, enjoys snacking on pillow stuffing.

Delilah, aka DillyDog, aka DilDil, and I'm sure someone has slipped and called her Dildo at some point. She is precious, very happy, somewhat older, and rather gassy.

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