Thursday, August 20, 2009

Baby Shower Cake

Yellow cake with lemon buttercream under the MM fondant and raspberry filling. The white fondant is Wilton and tastes like I imagine silly putty would, ick. But it is a prettier white than I could get the MM fondant.
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  1. GASP! I love it!! MM fondant = marshmallow fondant, right?

  2. It is marshmallow fondant, MM is way shorter though. I'll still eat around it because it is so sweet but at least it doesn't taste like toxic waste like the wilton stuff does.

  3. it is gorgeous! I have never had wilton, but your description certainly doesn't make me want to ;-)

  4. Wilton fondant is easy to work with, but the flavor is ridiculous. You might as well cover your cake with a tarp.

    Satin Ice is easy to work with and actually tastes pretty decent. But it's too freakin expensive.